Parker’s Mercy Brigade

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When we suffered the stillbirth of our son Parker, God comforted us through his word, his spirit and his church. From this experience comes Parker’s Mercy Brigade, a collection of new worship songs to the Lord who gives and takes, and who works the giving and the taking for the good of those who love him.

Half of all proceeds go to Nadus Films, documenting social justice issues around the world and partnering with local organizations to provide humanitarian relief and Christian witness. So when you purchase the CD or digital download, you haven’t just bought a record, you’ve joined Parker’s Mercy Brigade. Humanitarian relief and education in Guatemala. Clean water in Sudan. And a powerful new voice for the voiceless, around the world.

Chord Sheets, PowerPoint Slides For Your Congregation, And Song Info:

Spirit Of Freedom     

You Answer    

Chase Away My Unbelief    

Bless The Lord Who Gives And Takes     

No More Fear    

You Will Raise Us Up    

Awesome Is Your Power     

God Of All Comfort     

Even The Darkness Is Light To You

Praise The Sending God

releases 01 April 2014