Hear Kristen’s Duet With Devon Kauflin, God Of All Comfort

by Bobby Gilles

in Exhortations And Musings

Parker’s Mercy Brigade, our new record available here, on iTunes, and Amazon, is a collection of songs led by Kristen, with a band and group vocalists from Sojourn and Sovereign Grace churches, as well as Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

One song, “God Of All Comfort,” is a duet that Kristen sings with Devon Kauflin. Devon is part of the Norton Hall Band in Southern Seminary’s worship program, and part of Sovereign Grace Louisville. I originally wrote about the recording session with Devon here. This song features lyrics that came to me shortly after our son Parker was stillborn.

As I held Parker’s body, God had begun comforting me, saying that Parker is safe with Him. Then He began reminding me of His work, through His church, to lead children to safety all over the world. Suddenly these lines came to me:

You lead the motherless to a mother’s kiss
You lead the fatherless to a father’s embrace

The lyrics stayed with me, until a couple months later when Kristen and I finished the song. We were so honored to have Devon lead “God Of All Comfort” with her. You can hear it in our audio player here:

And hear it while reading the lyrics in this lyric video from the Kristen Gilles YouTube channel:

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