The Cure For Identity Crisis: New EP By Mia Koehne And Tree Hill Collective

by Bobby Gilles

in Exhortations And Musings

Mia Koehne Tree Hill Collective EP His album artIn 2012 I interviewed Mark Snyder of Tree Hill Collective, who explained that Tree Hill is:

a loosely organized group of songwriters, music producers, performing artists, and a supporting volunteer community that exists to resource the church with God-honoring worship resources in innovative ways with excellence. 

Now Mia Koehne and Tree Hill Collective have released His, an extended EP of seven original songs by Mia, Mark and songwriters like Holland Davis. His is produced, mixed and mastered by Tree Hill’s Jeff McCollough. Mia has a rich voice that draws you in, inviting you to sing along. It doesn’t hurt that the songs are quite singable.

These songs are God-centered, focusing on His Lordship, His redemption of fallen man and His love for us. In a world where our identity is under assault, and we’re presented with a plethora of choices that divide us along ethnic, political, economic and other lines, His seeks to remind us that if we’ve been redeemed by Christ, our identity is found in Him — one great, universal Church, adopted as sons and daughters of God.

My favorite cut is “Gladly Adore You,” which begins:

You died and hung on a cross — Beauty displayed in blood, nails and scars
The earth, it shook and it quaked — Grief of the Father as He turned His face
You rose, and conquered the grave — The infinite King, it could not contain
You are Lord, my tongue will confess — You deserve all, and all You will get

Tree Hill Collective deserves a lot of credit for spurring independent artists to create God-centered, gospel-driven songs of praise and worship. With His, they lead by example. You can get it at, Mia’s website, and of course iTunes, Amazon and other leading digital music stores.


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