Top 5 Reasons Why We Don’t Blog More Often

by Bobby Gilles

in Exhortations And Musings

Kristen and I usually write one blog post per week here at My Song In The Night. Beyond that, we typically take off a couple weeks around Christmas time and the first half of July, so this is likely our last post for a couple weeks.

Occasionally people ask why we don’t write more posts. This is a good and fair question. We’re not defensive about that at all — we often wish that certain bloggers would write more. So just for the sake of conversation, and taking you “into our world,” so to speak, here are the top five reasons:

1. We both work full time jobs — Kristen as a legal secretary and me as Content Strategist at Sojourn Community Church.

2. We actually do write more posts; they just aren’t always for this blog. I write and edit several posts per week for the church blog. And we write posts for other sites as well. Here’s my recent post for , “5 Ways To Make Your Song Singable,” and here is Kristen’s Worship Leader Magazine review of You Make Me Brave, the new record by Bethel Music.

3. Sometimes we engage in other forms of writing, like the songs on our new worship record Parker’s Mercy Brigade.

4. We serve in a lot of other ways at our church, Sojourn — worship leading, working the Sunday book table, co-leading a Community Group, working the sound booth, conducting member interviews, and more.

5. We do a lot of family things, particularly with the boys Garrett, Logan and Connor. Here is an interview we did with our friend William Chong last year, about our times of family devotions.

There you have it — our top 5 reasons. And of course, sometimes we’re lazy, and spend evenings watching things like Andy Griffith reruns on Netflix. Just being honest.

We do love writing blog posts for you here at My Song In The Night, though. We’re honored that many of you subscribe to our RSS feed or email subscription, and we’re honored that many of you check us out occasionally, or follow links here from social media. Thanks for thinking of us, and journeying with us! Until we return with a new blog post, why not check out our free playlists on Spotify — hours of worship songs for adoring our triune God, for dealing with pain and loss, for searching out modern hymns, celebrating the resurrection and Pentecost, and more.

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