The Secret To Improving Your Creative Works

by Bobby Gilles

in Songwriting/Hymn Workshop

Dave Moisan & some friends, several of whom are also fellow Sojourn artists

Dave Moisan & some friends, several of whom are also fellow Sojourn artists

Recently ESPN’s website featured my friend (and co-writer on the Sojourn worship songs Warrior and We Are Changed) Dave Moisan in an interview about Dave’s song “Don’t Worry About Me,” which won an ESPN viewer contest to become the featured song during their March 24 telecast of the NCAA Sweet Sixteen basketball tournament this year. During the interview, Dave revealed an important ingredient in how writers and artists can improve their songs, books, sermons, paintings and other creative works:

“When I got back to Louisville, I got involved in a community of musicians at my church [Sojurn Community Church] where the musicians are unbelievable,” he said. “On any sports team you surround yourself with people better than you, and you’re going to get better. I was surrounded by people who were much better writers, much better singers, much better players. It forced me to hone my skill and step up my game.”

First, don’t let Dave’s modesty fool you — he’s one of our best writers, singers and players. But he’s right in that everyone in the Sojourn arts community would say we’ve become better together than we could have become on our own. We inspire, challenge, mentor, learn from and encourage each other.

Kristen and I often marvel at the artistic talent in our community: other songwriters and musicians, photographers, interior and graphic designers and various creatives. One of Sojourn’s long-term sayings is that we are all “created for community.” This includes the “creative class.”

If you don’t have a creative community in your home town, make use of the internet.

Any other suggestions?

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