Liturgical Reading For The Offering – Giving Does Not Buy God’s Favor

by Bobby Gilles

in Liturgy & Sermons

Here is a script I’ve written for the offering portion of our worship service liturgy, specifically to emphasize that we don’t give in order to “buy” favor with God. Feel free to use it in your own worship services. And you can get more liturgical readings in our Liturgy & Sermons category here at My Song In The Night.

The life and teaching of Jesus shows we could never pay our way into God’s Kingdom. When we give to God’s church, it isn’t to pay a debt or to buy salvation.

Let’s pray this together:

Heavenly Father, you’ve given us your one and only Son,
Who paid for our sins with his life.
Now we offer these gifts to you
As a tangible sign of the gratitude in our hearts.

If you’re not a Christian, we’re not asking for your money. This service is our gift to you. For those who are Christians, the giving baskets will go around as we continue to sing.

Get chord sheet, piano lead sheet and audio for the modern offering hymn “All I Have Is Yours.” 

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