Liturgical Reading For The Offering – Suited For Missions Theme

by Bobby Gilles

in Liturgy & Sermons

Here is a script I’ve written for the offering portion of our worship service liturgy, specifically to go with a sermon about mission or kingdom building. Feel free to use it in your own worship services. And you can get more liturgical readings in our Liturgy & Sermons category here at My Song In The Night.

Our Father in heaven is reaching people near and far, bringing them into his kingdom. When we give to God’s church, we’re telling him that we want to participate in the family mission.

Read the underlined portions aloud with me:

God, accept these offerings as signs
Of our confidence in you,
And gratitude for adopting us
Into your family.

If you’re not a Christian, we’re not asking for your money. This service is our gift to you. For those who say, “God is my Father,” the giving baskets will go around as we continue to sing.

Get chord sheet, piano lead sheet and audio for the modern offering hymn “All I Have Is Yours.” 

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