How To Incorporate Epiphany At Your Church

by Bobby Gilles

in Church Communications,Worship Leading

“… for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him. — Matthew 2:2

We’ve often written about why and how evangelicals can follow the church liturgical calendar, how to communicate church ministries in each season of the Christian year, how songwriters can write praise and worship songs for each season of the year, and more.

This year at Sojourn Community Church of New Albany, we’re hosting our first annual Epiphany Feast on Sunday, January 11 after our 11am worship service. This is the first Sunday following the Epiphany of the Lord day on Tuesday, January 6.

Epiphany season is a time to celebrate the appearance of Jesus Christ on earth, and to joyfully reflect on his life and work. In church history, Christians have observed a day of Epiphany to commemorate the revelation of the Messiah to the wise men (“magi”). The Sojourn Epiphany Feast let’s us celebrate by inviting friends, relatives, coworkers and all the neighbors around our church building to a free meal. We’re asking all of our Community Groups to provide the food.

“So,” you may be thinking, “Essentially this is a potluck lunch.” Yes. If you’ve never observed Epiphany before at your church, this is an easy way to begin — hold a potluck lunch on a Sunday close to Epiphany. Explain to your people that you’ve chosen this date with care. We’re feasting as we celebrate Christ’s appearance on earth (“epiphany” means “appearance” or “manifestation”) and we’re inviting the neighbors because God invited the wise men to worship Jesus by sending a star to guide them.

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