First Update On Our Forthcoming Full Length Worship Record

by Kristen Gilles

in Exhortations And Musings

Our son Parker David Gilles was born and died on October 21, 2012. We have grieved deeply, but God has also shown us the depth and riches of His love through His Word and Spirit. He also poured out His love upon us through our families, through everyone at Sojourn Community Church, and through people around the world.

Last, He gave us new songs to express our heart’s cry, and the Holy Spirit’s work in us. Just as God has assured us that He has saved Parker, He asked us to share these songs of faith, lament, comfort, healing and mission with all God’s people. We’ve been working on arrangements with our friend Jonatan Barahona, a fabulous arranger, Sojourn Music intern, Southern Seminary student (and teacher), and pianist for Christine D’Clario, Ingrid Rosario, Sovereign Grace, the Norton Hall Band and Sojourn. Jonatan will lead a band of musician friends who will help bring these songs to life, so we can share them with you next spring.

Bobby and I will dedicate this album to the universal Church, to all who are hurting and all who are on mission for Christ, and most of all, to our good and gracious God who has brought our Parker to His glorious presence, forever. We’ll make it available on CD and in all the major digital stores like iTunes and Amazon.

We will keep you updated on the progress of this record, and we ask for your prayers during this process.

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