How To Give A Testimony Using This Simple Model From The Psalms

by Bobby Gilles

in Testimony Tips

“… the Psalms provided the pattern for people to express their own thanksgiving, and the structure … is not complicated. The opening declaration (“I will give thanks to the Lord”) contains the reason for the praise (“because he is faithful”); then there is a report of the dilemma that was faced (“I was surrounded by enemies”) and the deliverance (“he heard my prayer” and “he delivered me”); this is followed by the full declaration of praise (“God is faithful to those who love him”); and finally, the conclusion offers a word of encouragement to others (“Seek the LORD while he may be found”). It is not difficult to train folks to construct their own thanksgiving with such a pattern.”

Recalling The Hope Of Glory, Allen P. Ross

Many people feel uncomfortable giving a testimony. They say, “The minute I open my mouth, I forget what to say. I either ramble on for too long or I don’t say anything. Teach them how to give an effective but short testimony using the psalmic template described above. For example:

  • Opening declaration: “I want to thank the Lord today”
  • Reason for the praise: “He is so good to me.”
  • Dilemma that was faced: “I had open heart surgery to unblock three arteries.”
  • Deliverance: “God guided the hand of the doctor. It was a long surgery but I came through.”
  • Full declaration of praise: “God has kept me all these years. He’s prolonged my days here, and I want to use whatever time I have left to magnify His name.
  • Word of encouragement: “Don’t waste your life on foolish things. You don’t know how much time you have. Seek the Lord’s will for your life, and tell everyone you know about Him.

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Andy Hargrave October 25, 2014 at 4:32 pm

I was a Heroin crack methadone and alcohol addict for 20 odd years.
My Girlfriend Nicola died suddenly aged only 35. I prayed one night a year later
after much HELL. I said GOD I believe in you but I have cried out to you for 20 years
to help me and you have not . I am sorry but I am going to kill myself in the morning !
Next day New years eve 2010 I went down to the corner shop and bought 4 super beers. As I came out of the shop to go and kill myself someone called my name 3 times, it was Cathy my first Girlfriend from when I was 15. I had not seen her for 30 years ,but I had dreamed about her 9 months before and then seen her the next day ! Cathy called me over to her car and said; Andy I am going to help you , get in the car.
As I got in her car I noticed a sign on the dashboard : it said ANGEL . I have been clean off of all substances for 4 years now.
That’s my story , there is more . thanks for reading it .

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