How To Embrace Change While Holding Onto Your Core

by Bobby Gilles

in Church Communications,Worship Leading

“Every leader needs to etch some things in granite (never-change core) and write some things in sand (must-change methods). The problem is that when we fail to clarify and nurture things written in granite, our people get too attached to the things written in sand …

“The leader’s role is not just to communicate in both granite and sand but to show how the two components work together. The leader should help people embrace change by nurturing an emotional connection to the unchanging core vision.”

Church Unique: How Missional Leaders Cast Vision, Capture Culture, And Create Movement, by Will Mancini

Church leaders often struggle to discern granite from sand. We see it in church communication, in worship music, in evangelistic tools and methods. As much as we might have trouble seeing it — or as much as we may not want to see it — here are some things that may prove to be sand:

  • Facebook
  • Your blog
  • Guitars
  • Verse-Chorus-Bridge songs
  • Sunday School
  • Trunk-or-Treat

Some of these may prove to be sand within the decade. Others may prove to be sand within the century, or three centuries from now. Regardless, our core values and vision, stemming from the gospel, must drive everything.

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