New Article For The Resurgence: True Seeker Sensitivity

by Kristen Gilles

in Worship Leading

Today Bobby and I are honored to have a new article for you, published by our friends at, entitled True Seeker Sensitivity. It begins:

Seeker Sensitivity was all the rage in churches for a while as pastors sought to remove emotional barriers to entry. After all, the gospel is offensive enough. Why not make our churches as welcoming as possible, right?

But in many ways contemporary American churches went too far, watering down the message of the cross and creating environments that were unintentionally seeker insensitive to two large segments of society:

We believe that pastors, worship leaders and other service planners will find this short article helpful.

Tomorrow we’ll be back with original content here at My Song In The Night. Until then, see you at The Resurgence. If you’ve missed our past articles there, you can view them from our bio page at

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