Social Media Tips For Those Being Baptized

by Bobby Gilles

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At Sojourn Community Church, we hold a “Baptism Sunday” every other month. We treat baptisms as huge celebrations, where the baptismal candidates share their written testimonies (we provide tips for writing a testimony) and where everyone in attendance participates by raising their right hand and saying the baptismal proclamation aloud, then cheering as the new believer comes out of the water.

These services are good evangelistic opportunities, because the baptismal candidates often bring family and friends who may not otherwise be willing to attend a worship service. With that in mind, we’ve developed some social media tips for baptismal candidates who are active on social media. You could easily adapt these social media tips for baby dedication services, ordination services and church planting/ missionary sending services as well. Feel free to use this within your own church family:

Social Media For Baptismal Candidates

A public baptism service is perhaps the easiest, clearest and most visually-stimulating way to share your newfound faith with a large number of people, all at once. We encourage you to invite everyone in your life.

Celebrate with all the Christians you know and share with those who have not come to Christ.   Both the Christians and non-Christians in your life likely include friends, neighbors, family members, coworkers or fellow students.

Celebrate with Christians because we are brothers and sisters together in God’s family. We journey through life together, hold each other accountable, lean on each other and draw strength and wisdom from each other.

Share with non-Christians because Jesus put us on mission to do so. He calls us to testify of the grace that saved us, to warn others of the coming Judgment, and to tell our story so they can get a glimpse of the hope that now resides in our hearts.

Social Media Tips:

If you are on Facebook, Twitter and/or another social media network, treat this for what it is: a huge event. A party. A compelling drama of death, burial and resurrection.

  • Update your social network status periodically in the weeks and days leading to your Baptism Sunday. Tell those in your network how excited you are to be “two weeks, one week, three days, one day” away from your baptism. Share anecdotes of what brought you to this stage.
  • Create an “Event” listing in Facebook, E-vite or your preferred online event listing tool. Treat this just as you would a birthday, graduation or a Super Bowl party. List the time, place and a short description of what will happen. Tell them how much it would mean to you if they come.  Include all your friends in your guest list – you never know who will come if you just ask. Your atheist neighbor may come. Your out-of-town cousin who has drifted from the faith may come. You don’t know until you ask.
  • Be sure to follow up, answering any questions people ask, such as “How do I get there?” and “What do I wear?” (we hope you’ll tell them “Come as you are”).
  • If someone hostile to the faith leaves a comment that seems rude or insulting, don’t get trapped in a debate or angry exchange in the Event Comments. Be gracious and offer to talk with them in private message exchange, email, phone or face-to-face.

This is your party, and this is a great chance for you to have an impact on the lives of many people. Even if they don’t come, your invitation will cause them to reflect on their lives and on this man we call “Lord and Savior,” Jesus Christ.

Baptism photo from Sojourn Midtown, courtesy deacon Chuck Heeke

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