Good Friday, The Resurgence and A Look Ahead

by Kristen Gilles

in Exhortations And Musings

Today on Good Friday Bobby and I pray you are contemplating the work of Christ on the cross, our only hope of salvation. We’ve written an article about this day for TheResurgence.Com called The Good (The Bad & The Ugly) Friday. Read it all here.

We’re honored to be part of The Resurgence and to have been invited to write this article. Here is a sample:

“Why do we call it Good Friday if it’s the day when Jesus was murdered?”

If you haven’t fielded that question from a child or a newcomer to the Christian faith, you’ve probably wondered yourself. The common answer is “It’s good for us, because the cross is how Jesus saved us.”

But there is more to the story. The day Christ died was a good, bad and ugly day like no other. And if you observe this day in the fullness of what it represents, your worship will be all the more passionate and truth-honoring, like sweet incense rising toward heaven.

Meanwhile, we’re set to release our free studio EP The Whole Big Story on Tuesday, April 24. These four free songs will take you on a journey from creation to the Second Coming, showing the centrality of the cross and covering themes and Bible stories that aren’t conveyed in many other songs (read the scriptures that inspired each of these songs here). The lyrics are easy to understand, the language is modern, yet we feel like the songs present a theological depth similar to classic hymns. The melodic range stays under 1.5 octaves, yet we think the music is interesting and catchy.

And next week here at My Song In The Night, we’ll blog about the shocking secret of classic hymn writers, a great idea for church Mother’s Day services, and an interview about a fantastic initiative to tell the story of scripture through music. Have a blessed weekend.

  • Good Friday: It is finished. “Did ‘ere such love and sorrow meet, or thorns compose so rich a crown?”
  • Holy Saturday: “There in the ground, his body lay/ Light of the world, by darkness slain”
  • Easter Sunday: He has risen! He has risen indeed.



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