Hear 30 Of Our Favorite Worship Songs From Many Bands, Right Here!

by Bobby Gilles

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Worshipers singing and lifting hands at Sojourn Community Church's Midtown Campus. Photo taken by Chuck HeekeKristen and I love songs for Christian worship, whether old or modern hymns, gospel music songs, psalms or praise & worship choruses. Old, new, acoustic, electric. We love the classics and we love discovering new tunes. We love writing worship songs, singing them, playing them, sharing them with others. As long as they are good worship songs.

When Spotify added our new hymn “My Song In The Night” (which you can also download for free in the player on your right, or buy from iTunes), we thought it would be fun to create a My Song In The Night Playlist on Spotify that included our song with a bunch of our favorites. So here it is: a link for you, and the track list, and then a video showing you how to create and share your own playlists on Spotify, as well as a note on songwriter royalties. If you’re not on Spotify yet, still click the link to our playlist. You’ll be guided through a very quick, painless, free signup process.

Listen to the My Song In The Night Spotify playlist, all 30 songs for worship, right here.  And share this playlist with others, through your Facebook and Twitter accounts. The track list:

  1. My Song In The Night: Kristen Gilles (facebook.com/kristengilles)
  2. The Cross (3 Hours): Shai Linne (@shailinne)
  3. See What A Morning: Keith & Kristyn Getty (@gettymusic)
  4. Come Every Soul By Sin Oppressed: City Hymns (@cityhymns)
  5. You Have Been Raised: Sovereign Grace (@markaltrogge, @bkauflin)Christian worshipers singing, praising God, raising hands at Sojourn Midtown in Louisville. Photo courtesy Tom Branch
  6. Psalm 25: Joe Day (@joeday)
  7. O Fount Of Love: Matt Papa (@matt_papa)
  8. Awake My Soul: Sandra McCracken (@sandramccracken)
  9. I Will Boast: Paul Baloche (@paulbaloche)
  10. Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me: Bifrost Arts
  11. Eyes On The Prize: Mavis Staples (c’mon Sister Mavis. Get on Twitter)
  12. Refuge: Sojourn Music
  13. Begone Unbelief: Indelible Grace (@kevinjtwit)
  14. More: Lecrae (@lecrae)
  15. Death In His Grave: John Mark McMillan (@johnmarkmc)
  16. Your Mighty Hand: Saint Lewis (@SaintLewis)
  17. Lord, I Believe (Communion Hymn): Zach Hicks (@zachicks)
  18. In The Shadow Of The Glorious Cross: Sojourn Music
  19. O God Of Our Salvation: The Village Church (@michaelbleecker)
  20. Gotta Serve Somebody: Shirley Caesar (@igotnexx)
  21. Beautiful Wonderful Cross: Matt Boswell (@mattboswell)
  22. Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus: Red Mountain Church (@redmtnchurch)
  23. Deliverer: Vicky Beeching (@vickybeeching)
  24. Look Where He Brought Me From: The Blind Boys Of Alabama (@blindboys)
  25. Come And Sing: Sojourn Music
  26. Beautiful Saviour: Stuart Townend (@stuarttownend)
  27. Be Still My Soul: Page CXVI (@Page CXVI)
  28. What Special Act Of Providence: Bruce Benedict (@Cardiphonia)
  29. It Is Not Death To Die: Sovereign Grace (@bkauflin)
  30. Absent From Flesh: Sojourn Music

Want to know how to create your own playlists, and share them with others? Watch this quick tutorial:

*Ah, the music business. It’s changed greatly over the past decade and changing still. Listeners have access to tons of free music, and that’s a good thing. But it can be a bad thing too. Songwriters and recording artists need to eat like everyone else. They need to pay mortgages and water bills. They need to buy clothes and put their kids through school.

Most of the artists on this list are not signed to major record labels, and they don’t have big budget marketing campaigns behind them. A few are, but let’s face it: people who make worship music are not in it to get rich, unless they’re crazy. The big money is in other genres. So if you love some of these songs, and your budget allows, I’m sure the artists would appreciate if you’d purchase their music by searching for them on iTunes or their own websites.

Performance royalty organizations (BMI and ASCAP) do collect fees from Spotify for writers registered with them, but these are much lower amounts than if you buy physical CDs or mp3 downloads. If interested, here is a lot more info on Spotify payments, and pro-con commentary in the comments section.

Photos from Sojourn worship services, taken by Chuck Heeke (top) and Tom Branch.

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