Sojourn Church Liturgy – Easter Sunday, 2019

by Bobby Gilles

in Liturgy & Sermons

Welcome to Sojourn’s weekly worship music set list review & service recap for this second Sunday of Advent. You’ll not only read a list of the songs we led, but also the readings and prayers from our liturgy. You can also watch the video stream of the whole service from our Facebook page, or here below.

Our liturgy is written by worship director Justin Shaffer in collaboration with worship directors at other Sojourn churches.

This Sunday we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus on Easter. Pastor Jonah Sage preached on the resurrection of Jesus as the main sign of God’s Kingdom breaking through to earth. His text was Matthew 6:10 in our series from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7, The Good Life: Living The More You Were Made ForTo learn more about Sojourn Church, click here.

Easter 2019 – Sojourn New Albany – Jonah Sage from Sojourn Collective on Vimeo.


Welcome to Easter Sunday at Sojourn! If you’re visiting with us today, we are thrilled to celebrate the fact that a man rose from the grave together with you! We celebrate that while our savior was pierced for our transgressions and crushed for our iniquities, the grave couldn’t keep him down, and on the third day, Christ arose!  Let’s celebrate

Make a joyful sound!

This day liberates us from doubt and fear.

Sing a thankful song!

This day moves us past darkness and despair.

We pray a hopeful prayer!

This day awakens in us long-awaited new life.

Jesus said, “Where two or more are gathered in my name,

I am there among them.”

Christ lives here and now.

He is among us at this and every moment!

(shout it) He is risen!

He is risen indeed!

He is risen!

He is risen indeed!

He is risen!

He is risen indeed!

—based on Psalm 118, Matthew 18:20 and Luke 24:34

Death in His Grave – Justin


As we come today, we each come with our own stories. Our stories are a mix of beauty and brokenness, and we’ve all experienced the pain and hopelessness of death. But you see, death isn’t just what happens at the end of our lives, but it’s your life apart from God and a result of your sin. The Bible says this: 

“For the wages of sin is death,

but the free gift of God is eternal life

in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

-Romans 6:23

We’re here today to see this truth- that each one of our stories whispers his name, the name of Jesus. Our sin in trying to do life without God has brought us death, but Jesus is the champion of life, the life that we long for. Jesus has paid the price of death and punishment for your sin, so that you would have life instead. Let’s sing.

The Blood Will Never Lose its Power – Justin       


Christ is risen!

He is risen indeed! (Repeat 2-3x)

Hear the Good News: Christ has defeated sin and death for you, for us, and invites us to participate in the good life with him – advancing his kingdom… spending time WITH him… making all things new. Jesus took the death we deserved and and rose to conquer the grave… and gives us NEW LIFE. This is God’s promise for YOU TODAY:

God lives and breathes in you!

Just as God raised Jesus from the dead,

He will deliver you from this dead life.

With His Spirit living in you, your body will be as alive as Christ’s!

If God is for us, who can be against us?

God has chosen us for His own; who will accuse us?

No one—for God has given us right standing with Himself.

And who is to condemn?

No one—for Christ Jesus died for us,

He was raised to life for us,

And now He is sitting at God’s right hand,

Where He is pleading for us.

Thanks be to God!

-adapted from Romans 8:11, 31, 33-34 (MSG, NLT, ESV)

Hallelujah! As the connect team prepares to pass around the giving baskets, let us on one hand pray that we would be wise and shrewd stewards of the resources God has blessed us with, both as a church and individually. At the same time, let’s get our imaginations in gear… how can we continue to grow in the ways we participate more fully into God’s kingdom come? As we prepare our tithes and offerings, let’s remember God’s promises to multiply our meager efforts in such a way that can only point to Christ – may we and our neighbors be in awestruck wonder at the way our wonderful savior works! If you’re a guest… let’s worship!

The Easter Song – in the style of Somebody to Love – Ryan  


Friends, In Christ, your fears are met with assurance, your failure is met with victory, death has no grip on you, and your anxiety is overcome by his triumph over death.

Thanks be to God!

He is Risen!

He is Risen indeed!

He is Risen!

He is Risen indeed!

He is Risen!

He is Risen indeed!

As a family with shared hope & peace , let’s greet and welcome one another here today.



Ain’t No Grave  – Meg


Doxology  – All Voices, Traditional Organ voice leading pull out ALL the stops


May the resurrection of Jesus bring you all joy and peace in believing

so that you may abound in hope and joy.

Where there are sick people—let’s heal them

Where there are enslaved people—let’s free them

Where there are poor people—let’s support them

Where there are fatherless children—let’s adopt them

Go and LIVE the kingdom in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Peace be with you!

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