Brand New Song – “Lead Us Holy Spirit”

by Bobby Gilles

in Songwriting/Hymn Workshop,Worship Leading

My latest song “Lead Us Holy Spirit” is a co-write with Justin Shaffer, the Worship Director of Sojourn Church New Albany. Justin has played and sang on several Sojourn Music records. His songwriting credits include “From Deep Distress,” which my wife Kristen sings on Sojourn Music’s The Water And The Blood, and “Clap Your Hands” from the SojournKids record Clap Your Hands, Stomp Your Feet.

This past Sunday Justin and the band led “Lead Us Holy Spirit” in our worship services. Below you can watch and hear the live recording, and you can read the lyrics. Get the chord sheet here.

Lead Us Holy Spirit live from Sojourn Collective on Vimeo.

Lead Us Holy Spirit
Bobby Gilles, Justin Shaffer
CCLI Song Number: 7118492

Verse 1:
Spirit of the Risen Lord
You have called us to this place
May your holy fire loose our lips
To sing your praise
One in You, a common voice
Old and young, rich and poor
Singing out, a joyful noise
Not divided anymore

Lead us Holy Spirit, come ye sinners, lift your voice
Lead us Holy Spirit, all God’s children rejoice
You lead us, Lord you lead us
You’re our strength to carry on
You’re the wisdom that we need

Verse 2:
Spirit of the Risen One,
Holy guarantee of grace
Grant your power to each one
Free our hearts to sing your praise
You will send us out from here
You will bid us go in peace
You will give us truth to share
So your people will increase

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