Job One program coming to New Albany

by Bobby Gilles

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In August 2018 Sojourn Church New Albany and the non-profit Seed To Oaks are bringing Job One to Southern Indiana. This program, piloted last year in Louisville, matches  job seekers with employers, puts them through a success training course prior to employment, and provides them with mentors to help them stay on the right track in their new jobs. Our aim is to align employee preparation and training to employer needs, thereby creating a bridge between the demand and supply sides of the world of work.

Job One builds its retention efforts on the philosophy that the success of the employee is tantamount to the success of the employer, and vice versa. If both do not flourish, both will decline.

How Job One Places Candidates Into Employment

Phase One: Job Seekers Apply. For those accepted, Job One candidates are introduced to our business partners (area employers) who are looking to hire and rooting for their success. We ask you to offer our candidates an opportunity, not a guarantee.

Phase Two: Train In-Demand Job Skills. We train candidates through a four-day, eight-hour process. Our model focuses on the soft skills they’ll need for any job and the in-demand job skills of the target industry or business. And it prepares them to interview and secure full-time employment.

Phase Three: Employ & Mentor. After being placed in the job, we pair new employees with a mentor who will support them in their new position. The goal of mentoring and accountability is to help the new employee navigate workplace tensions and challenges outside of work. At the same time, employers appoint an advocate who helps the employee navigate workplace culture from within the business.

Phase Four: Retain & Advance. The new employee and their mentor together agree on a long term plan to help them excel on the job and in life.

How You Can Play A Part

If you own a Southern Indiana business or are involved in hiring and retention, reach out to me for more information. We’d love to partner with your business in this innovative program.

If you are a job seeker in Southern Indiana, reach out to me as well.

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