Hear 3 Hours Worth Of Classic And Contemporary Hymns In Our New Playlist

by Kristen Gilles

in Worship Leading

Last week I shared our Modern Hymns Spotify playlist with you — 21st century hymns from a variety of worship leaders, churches and recording artists, curated by Bobby and me. This week, listen for free to our Classic Contemporary Hymns playlist — three hours’ worth of hymns, including hidden gems and some of the most familiar songs in the history of the church.

Some of these are “retuned hymns” – old hymn texts set to new melodies. Others are new worship songs adapted from old hymns. And still others are the classic versions of famous hymns, arranged by contemporary worship ministries.

Consider purchasing some of these songs (or the full albums from whence they come) if you enjoy them. Also, feel free to follow me on Spotify, to get new worship music playlists and access current ones.

And now, here we go (if you’re reading this blog post through email subscription, you may have to click over to the actual mysonginthenight.com to see the embedded Spotify playlist):

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New Scottish Hymns May 26, 2014 at 11:06 am

Hi Kristen,

I’m looking into the whole spotify playlist thing, but I feel that they don’t have the software implementation working right yet… I don’t know if anyone else shares my experience but basically this is what happens when I try and open these things…

1. I click the link above to your playlist.
2. A new tab opens with the playlist (shortened – with the option to expand)
3. I click on either the big play button, or the one next to a track.
4. A “launch application” link comes up – this needs to be launched with an application.
5. I choose Spotify from the list.
6. Spotify opens, but it is on the spotify homepage, or whatever I was playing last.

There’s no way I can see to actually access it.

I’m on an imac 10.6, and I’m not asking for tech support from you or anything, but I’m interested to hear what happens when others click on the link!

I’d really like to start publishing and sharing playlists, and also get some collaborative playlists going, too – they can be a lot of fun. We’ve got a few of our own hymns on Spotify now, and I’m wondering whether it’s a good way to share them.

Greg (from New Scottish Hymns)

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