An Innovative Way To Involve Creatives In Missions Work

by Bobby Gilles

in Church Communications

“What if joining in shook the narrative of your own life?”

In the video above, our friends at Nadus Films describe one of their latest partnerships, Nadus Adventures. It’s an innovative way to let donors do more than just donate money — especially donors with an artistic bent or those who crave adventure. Perhaps Nadus Adventures is something more missions organizations and church mission ministries should study.

With Nadus Adventures, each donor can take part in the production and story of Nadus Films.¬†As you know, half the proceeds from our new worship record Parker’s Mercy Brigade go to Nadus Films, a non-profit production company that travels around the world, using film to tell true stories of extreme hardship, need and social injustice. They shine the light on dark places, spurring people to action. Then they partner with local relief organizations in places like Sudan and Guatemala.

You can learn more about how Nadus Adventures works here.

“What if you jumped off a plane and into your investment, into the roiling waves of its impact? Getting an exclusive look into what others in our world are experiencing. Helping bring injustices to light and bringing light to the darkness. Telling stories for others who have no voice, who need their stories to be told.”

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