Have A Grinstead Christmas (You’ll See What I Mean)

by Bobby Gilles

in Exhortations And Musings

Kristen and I are enjoying an EP of three Christmas songs from a new band called Grinstead. It’s an ethereal Americana record with excellent musicianship and gospel fidelity, based out of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary here in Louisville (Grinstead Drive is the name of a street that runs past the seminary).

Band members Adrian Mathenia and Jonatan Barahona produced this EP. You may recall that we’ve written about Jonatan here at My Song In The Night — he is my co-producer on Kristen’s forthcoming worship record, as well as our keyboardist and arranger (and co-writer on a couple songs). He’s also a Sojourn Music intern, and has toured with Christine D’Clario, Sovereign Grace and Ingrid Rosario.

You should check out Grinstead for Christmas by Grinstead, — just $3 for 3 songs:

  • O Come, O Come Emmanuel
  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (with a clever sampling of Joy To The World thrown in)
  • The Last Lamb, a new original song written by Adrian Mathenia.

Web readers, you can preview the songs right from this blog post. Email subscribers, you may have to click through the our actual web page because the email formatting may not allow the embedded record to display. Or, visit the Grinstead web page here.


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