Articles On Advent Planning And Working With Small Worship Teams

by Kristen Gilles

in Worship Leading

This week Bobby and I have written a couple articles for other websites that may be of interest to you:

Bobby wrote “Have You Forgotten One Key Person In Your Advent/Christmas Planning?” on The Gospel Coalition’s worship blog. An excerpt:

The same Spirit that hovered over the waters of creation (Gen 1:2) is the Spirit that overshadowed the virgin Mary, causing her to conceive (Luke 1:35).

This same Spirit came like a mighty, rushing wind and baptized the first believers with Himself (Acts 2:1-4).

This same Spirit – the Spirit of Christ (Rom. 8:9) — now lives inside of us (Rom. 5:5).

The same Spirit!

I wrote “Working With Small Worship Teams” for Worship Leader. An excerpt:

Some of you may not have the advantage (and accompanying challenges) of leading with a full worship band each week. You may find yourself, more often than not, a one-man or one-woman worship band, or a member of a 2-3 person band. This can present numerous challenges. It can also yield fruitful blessings for you and your congregation.

We hope these articles bless you!

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