Gilles Worship Record Update – Initial Tracking Sessions

by Kristen Gilles

in Exhortations And Musings

Last week Kristen and I entered Ear Candy Studios in Louisville, where our church Sojourn has recorded worship albums like Before The Throne and Advent Songs.

Kristen and the band, led by Jonatan Barahona, tracked eight of the songs we’ll be releasing next spring on this full-length worship record (on CD and in download stores like iTunes). Our Sojourn Music brothers Eddy Morris and Phillip Miller engineered these sessions. Tracks we recorded include:

Even The Darkness Is Light To You. Kristen led this at the November 2 Sojourn Women’s conference, and we received a lot of good comments and testimonies. “In the deep, nighttime fog / You’re still Almighty God …”

Awesome Is Your Power. I couldn’t stay seated during this one. You won’t be able to, either. “Ground is breaking / Dead are waking, forevermore …”

Praise The Sending God. It’s so groovy – I should have recorded video of Engineer Phil dancing while the band played. “And when the Son returned / He sent His Spirit down / Empowered us to go and share / The life in Him we’ve found.”

You Will Raise Us Up. The band plays this slow and pretty, building into a powerful anthem of life. “Death is a prison / Darker than night / Your blood is our pardon / Your Spirit, our light …”

No More Fear. A high energy declaration that the cross and empty tomb mean that we have nothing left to fear. “No more fear, no more fear / Death is naked and ashamed / Satan flees at the mention of Your Name.”

Spirit Of Freedom. A celebration of the Holy Spirit, a mighty rushing wind that is everywhere, “shaking everything,” in all kinds of situations all over the world. “You sweep into a brothel / And snuff the fire of Lust / You lift the fallen woman / With a kindness she can trust.”

Bless The Lord Who Gives And Takes. An affirmation that God is working all things to our good, and we should praise Him even in the midst of tragedy. “Lord You gave and You took / Somehow for our good / Our eyes burn with tears / But they turn to You.”

You Answer. The first verse cries out to God in prayer. The rest of the song celebrates and affirms that God hears and answers us. “You answer through creation / You answer through Your Word / You answer through Your Spirit / And the members of Your Church.”

We’ll track two more songs this week. The following week Kristen will add more vocal parts and we’ll be joined by a special guest vocalist, whom I’ll tell you about later.

In December we’ll add a few more instruments and background vocals. Then it’s off to mixing! Please continue to pray for us and for everyone involved.

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