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Markers of 8 Ayres Children Markers of the 8 Ayres Children


Today The Gospel Coalition has published a new article by Kristen, “How The Ayres Family Buried Their 8 Children.” As you’ll read, this story came about after Kristen and I took a recent walk near our house through the oldest cemetery in New Albany, Indiana. An excerpt:

When I first discovered the Ayres family story in Fairview Cemetery, I was heartbroken as I realized their continual suffering (and imagined my own suffering magnified eight or nine times). But as I read the testimonies of these parents who chiseled God’s Word on the memorial stones of their children, I saw God’s grace at work in their suffering, just as it is in our family’s suffering. We know what they know: God is faithful to his Word and can always be trusted. He should be praised from one generation to the next.

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