A Telling Tale: What If Connect Servants Thought Like Worship Leaders?

by Bobby Gilles

in Worship Leading

Connect servants — those wonderful people who serve our church each Sunday in a variety of ways. They help us park, they greet us at the door, show us how to navigate the building and even perhaps make coffee for us. Then they give us Sunday bulletins and even help us get to our seats.

But what if we could get our worship teams to mentor them? You know, so we could take the Connect Ministry up to the next level. It might look something like this:

Parking Attendant Paul, influenced by Vocalist Veronica:

I love directing cars as they enter our parking lot. It used to get boring though — all I was doing was helping people get into and out of parking spaces in an orderly fashion. A trained monkey could do that.

Now, I bring a lot of sizzle with my steak. I turn cartwheels and do backflips. Also, I wear happening clothes. I was going for a grunge look for awhile but recently I’ve been dressing more like a hipster. Next month, who knows — whatever the craze is, I’ll be sporting it. The point is, people will be more likely to park correctly if they think I look cool, and if I put on an impressive display of acrobatics.

Door Man David, influenced by Guitar Master Gary:

So, I hold the door open for people. Blah, blah, blah. The door is so light — I could do this in my sleep. I wish the door was heavier, so it would be more like a workout. Now, I feel like my muscles are shriveling as I stand here. But with a really heavy door, I could get a great workout in while I serve Jesus. Also, people would see how strong I am. I don’t want them to think that this light glass door is the heaviest thing I can lift! How embarrassing.

It should be a mighty castle-like door, so its like I’m guarding the kingdom. Every time someone knocks on the heavy, sculpted door knocker, I would pull with all my might and usher them into the presence of our king.

Bulletin Betty, influenced by Worship Pastor Will:

I hand out our Sunday bulletin to people as they enter the auditorium. The bulletin includes sermon notes and other announcements. Very cut-and-dried if you ask me. Announcements like, “Community Groups meet throughout the week. Visit the Welcome Table or sojournchurch.com/groups to find one close to you.” And sermon note questions for reflection like, “Why does Jesus describe himself as the temple of God? What was the temple’s purpose?”

Not very artsy. I think all announcements should be written in iambic pentameter, and we could use a font that will really stand out, like Comic Sans. Better yet, we could have our volunteer team write them out, in calligraphy. None of our volunteers can write calligraphy, but how hard can it be?

And let’s spruce up the content of these notes and announcements, too. Each one should have a hilarious punch line. But also lots of literary motifs and poetic devices. And a full presentation of the gospel. Each and every one. Is that too much to ask?

Okay, okay; maybe I’m being a little facetious. And yet, there might be some lessons here …

Photo above by Sarah Horrar, from Sojourn J-Town.


Elizabeth Rhyno October 31, 2013 at 3:50 pm

Though your message is facetious (and quite funny!), you’re right that there are lessons within. I actually tell our greeters that they are really the first worship leader the people will see when they arrive. So I have them not only welcome the people, but intentionally remind them that they are invited by the Father to worship. I ask them to remind each person who enters that by the Holy Spirit, Christ is here, welcoming us to worship. Presently, they are working on how to say that in a way that doesn’t sound stuffy. 🙂

Bobby Gilles October 31, 2013 at 5:09 pm

Elizabeth, that’s a great idea!

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