Mother’s Day Tribute For A Sojourning Mom

by Bobby Gilles

in Exhortations And Musings

Kristen and Parker David GillesWe try not to write articles that are too self-promotional here at My Song In The Night. But at the risk of sounding, well, not quote self-promotional but spouse-promotional, this Mother’s Day blog post is all about Kristen Gilles, my beautiful wife.

You’ve celebrated with us, journeyed with us, and wept with us over the past year as Kristen and I conceived a son, Parker, and as she carried him through pregnancy, gave birth to him, and buried him that same week. Our son is now with the Lord, but here are some things I’d like the world to know about his mom, Kristen:

Kristen mothered Parker exceptionally well during that pregnancy. She prayed for him. Constantly. She prepared herself, the house and our family for him. She talked to mothers and read about motherhood. She exercised daily, ate well and did everything else that modern science tells pregnant moms to do. She labored hard for him, through tears and prayers. And when she awoke from her emergency C-section, she immediately thanked and praised God for allowing her to carry Parker for 42 weeks.

Kristen And Logan GillesHere are a couple things some of you may not know about Kristen:

  • She is an excellent stepmother to my three sons Garrett, Logan and Connor.
  • Most every Sunday that she isn’t leading worship at Sojourn Church, she is taking care of babies in the church nursery.

I don’t know what the future holds for us but Kristen has been and will always be a wonderful mother. Today will be a hard day but Kristen still believes it is the day the Lord has made. And like on many Sundays, she is joining her voice with the band that is leading our people in worship. Kristen nurtures and comforts our entire community. They love her, I love her, God loves her. I believe that Parker knows and loves his mother too.

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