New Resource Covers The 12 Essentials Of Church Communications

by Bobby Gilles

in Church Communications

Sayge Resources graphic buttonHey church communicator, let me introduce you to Sayge Resources, a helpful new resource. If you’re like me, and most church communications people I know, you frequently get lost in the daily craziness of church communications: satisfying ministry leaders, meeting deadlines, and managing expectations, people, projects.

Sayge Resources is a full communications learning approach designed by church communications strategist Tim Peters for leaders of local churches.  Think of it as your Communication-Team In-A-Box. It can save hours spent searching for good communication advice and tools.  It’s more efficient and less costly than the time and money you’d spend at a conference. And it contains the wisdom of some of the most forward thinking church leaders in our day. Sayge covers these 12 Essentials of Church Communications:

  1. Vision Identification
  2. Communications Strategy
  3. Brand Standards
  4. Project Systems
  5. Website Essentials
  6. Audience Connection
  7. Volunteer Mobilization
  8. Social Media
  9. Guest Experience
  10. External Marketing
  11. Creative Leadership
  12. Storytelling Principles

I’m sure you’ve discovered that there are many resources for other ministries in your church, much more so than for our area of ministry.  Thankfully, this is one comprehensive resource for anyone responsible for or passionate about church communications. Sayge has created monthly coaching videos, eBooks, application tools, team training ideas and reproducible products — thousands of dollars worth of products, delivered to your inbox each month, for a price that won’t break or even stretch your budget. Your first month is even free.

I’ve followed Tim Peters on Twitter for awhile, and always appreciate his keen insights on communications, so I was quick to check out this project when he contacted me. I believe his team at Sayge Resources has developed a great resource for mastering the 12 Essentials of Church Communications.  Check out Sayge here.

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