New Gospel Coalition Article On Advent & The Second Coming

by Kristen Gilles

in Exhortations And Musings

Today our friends at The Gospel Coalition have published a new article Bobby wrote with our pastor at Sojourn, Daniel Montgomery, called “Consider Skipping ‘Christmas Season’ This Year.” This article talks about the importance of watching and waiting for Christ’s Second Coming, and the significance of the season of Advent on the church liturgical calendar. An excerpt:

Advent season begins each year on the fourth Sunday before December 25. While “Christmas season” is often marked by greed, gluttony, and (if you’re lucky) a few warm fuzzy feelings as you stand under the mistletoe or drink hot cocoa by the fire, Advent stirs our hearts for the return of the King.

Read the full article in the link above, and read mine and Bobby’s My Song In The Night articles on Advent here.

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