The Ten Million Seconds & Moments Of Your Life

by Kristen Gilles

in Exhortations And Musings

“My conviction is that a native has the whole consciousness of his people and nation in him: that he knows everything about it, every sight sound and memory of the people. I know now past any denial, that that is what being an American or being anything means …

“It is not the government, or the Revolutionary War, or the Monroe Doctrine, it is the ten million seconds and moments of your life – the shapes you see, the sounds you hear, the food you eat, the colour and texture of the earth you live in – I tell you this is what it is …”

— Author Thomas Wolfe, to his editor Matthew Perkins

Bobby and I wish our fellow U.S. citizens a happy Independence Day, and a good week for all of you, regardless of nationality. We are taking the week off from blogging but we’ll return next Monday with new articles for you.

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