Update On Our Blog This Summer, Tornado Recovery & Baby

by Kristen Gilles

in Exhortations And Musings

The summer season is upon us. We are currently working on some writing projects, and also looking forward to good family time this summer. And as many of you know if you follow either of us on Facebook or follow Bobby on Twitter, I’m expecting a child in October (the due date is October 7th).

With that in mind, we’re going to post a little less often this summer. Our regular article schedule will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week. A couple exceptions:

  • We’ll publish Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday the week of Memorial Day
  • We’ll take the entire week off during the week of Independence Day

We hope the three articles per week that we do publish this summer will be a blessing to you. Feel free to subscribe by email in the column on your right, or click the RSS button in the top right to subscribe to our RSS feed.

I’m sure Bobby will continue to tweet regularly during the summer so if you don’t follow @bobbygilles on Twitter, just come here whenever you want to see his tweets — he publishes lots of links to interesting articles on theology, creativity, worship, writing and communications, as well as other updates and quotes. His Twitter feed is in the column to your right, where you’ll find the Email Subscription form and our free worship album The Whole Big Story.

You can also always click the Streampad “Play” button on the very bottom of My Song In The Night to hear an hours’ worth of our songs, including all the songs that Bobby wrote or that I sang on Sojourn Music worship albums.

Finally, thanks to the many of you who have prayed for our family members who lost their home and were hospitalized by the Henryville, IN tornado in March. Thanks to each of you who sent in donations as well.

The children have all recovered and are finishing their school year. Bobby’s brother Darrell is making excellent recovery from his broken bones. He’s had the bands removed from his jaw too, so he can eat nearly anything now. And his wife Trish continues to get better as well. She is still in a wheelchair, since her pelvis was broken. We’re praying she will be out of the wheelchair soon. Also, they should all be in a new house by the end of the summer.

Here is a recent story on their progress, from the Southern Indiana News & Tribune.

God is good.


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