5 Things to Pray for Your Congregation As You Prepare to Lead Worship

by Kristen Gilles

in Worship Leading

Christians praying in a small group prayer meeting at Sojourn Community Church in LouisvillePart of prayerfully preparing to lead music at your church gatherings each week includes praying for everyone who will gather.  This will help and encourage you and others in your congregation to keep your focus on the Savior King who alone has the power to save, heal and deliver all who call upon His name.

Here are five prayer points to help you pray for your congregation as you prepare to lead worship each week. These are not at all exhaustive, nor do they need to be prayed verbatim. Think of these simply as starters to help you and your worship team pray:

Pray that Christ would be magnified in the eyes, ears and hearts of everyone in attendance at your gathering, including you.  Ask God to illuminate and awaken the spirit of every person in attendance, including you.  Petition our Father to help you and others who are leading and serving to make much of Christ, pointing others to Him.

Pray that everyone, including you, would more fully understand and prize God, our Savior, and His living Word as we sing, pray and listen in our gatherings.

Pray that all in attendance, including you, would be convicted of sin, that the idols in our hearts would be revealed, and that we’d all be captivated and encouraged by the boundless love and kindness of our Savior which leads to repentance.  Pray that we would be filled with Godly sorrow, would repent and fall on the grace of Christ, and then rejoice in His forgiveness and love.

Pray that the gospel would go forth in power as it is declared through songs, prayers, the sermon, scripture readings and in our conversations.  Pray that unbelievers would be saved and that believers would have their affections stirred for Christ.

Pray for God to silence the mouths of His enemies and bind them from doing any work in the gathering.  Ask God to show the wonder of His love to all in attendance through healing the sick among you, delivering those oppressed by the enemy, freeing those enslaved to sinful habits and addictions, giving faith to those struggling to believe His Word, strengthening and encouraging the weary and downcast, and helping all of Christ’s people to walk worthy of his gospel calling.

Prayer photo courtesy Sojourn’s Tom Branch

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Nathan Richey April 22, 2012 at 12:55 pm

good list — i’m praying today as i’m getting ready for our service

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