Lent Hymn Sale: Sojourn’s 23 Isaac Watts Hymns For $10 – Listen Here

by Bobby Gilles

in Exhortations And Musings,Worship Leading

Kristen Gilles singing with Brooks Ritter and the Sojourn Music band

Kristen singing Isaac Watts hymns with our friend Brooks Ritter and the Sojourn band

I’ve said here that Lent is a good time for reflection, repentance, and a deepening appreciation for the cross of Christ. One of the best ways in which we experience each of those things is through Lenten hymns — songs that focus on the reality of suffering and sin, the need for a savior, and the sacrifice of the only one who could be that savior, Jesus Christ.

Now our church worship ministry, Sojourn Music, is offering all 23 songs in our Isaac Watts hymns project for such a good price I had to tell you about it. If you don’t already have both volumes of the Isaac Watts project, Over The Grave and The Water And The Blood, now is the time to buy them.

These worship songs will help you in your personal devotions and your corporate church gatherings during Lent, Passion/Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter. Songs I co-wrote on this Lent music special include “Warrior,” “Living Faith,” “We Are Changed” and “Let Your Blood Plead For Me.” Also, Kristen sings lead on “From Deep Distress” and harmony on “The World Will Know” and “Deep In Our Hearts.”

Listen to many of the songs here, then click buy to download them all for just $10, or get the double-CD set for $12. Or if you’re a vinyl guy, for just $15 you can get a double-LP vinyl package of the second album, and mp3 download of the first:

Here’s a live performance of “Let Your Blood Plead For Me” by Sojourn, during last year’s Good Friday worship service. Our friend Rebecca Dennison sings lead. Kristen sings harmony with Brooks Ritter:

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