Why Indie Bands & Singer-Songwriters Can’t Ignore Business & Marketing

by Bobby Gilles

in Music Business

Derek Webb performing live at The 930 Art Center, music venue of our church, Sojourn Derek Webb at The 930 Art Center, music venue of our church, Sojourn

Most people who know Derek Webb know him as a music artist, both for his role in Caedmon’s Call and as a solo singer-songwriter. But many also know him as the founder of Noisetrade, a site where music lovers can download music for free (they also have the option of leaving a tip). Notice Kristen and I have a Noisetrade music player in the column to your right, where you can get some of our music for free.

The Great Discontent recently published a compelling interview with Derek Webb. Here are a couple quotes that stood out to me as particularly helpful for indie artists who have resisted the need to market their music:

On Being Creative About Marketing & Distribution:

“Part of how you survive in the new music business is to make the connection to be able to apply the same creativity used in making music to the distribution and marketing of your music. We’re creative people; we should be able to be creative about the distributing and marketing of our art.”

On Whether Indie Artists Can Ignore Business Stuff:

“We are no longer in an age where you have the luxury of giving the excuse of, ‘But I’m just an artist and that business stuff is just for other people. Other people need to handle that for me.’ The way you make it now is to learn the tools of the trade, but you have to be willing to learn things that might not come naturally to you.”

Read the full interview between Derek Webb and The Great Discontent here.

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  • And stay tuned for my upcoming post about our experience with Spotify as compared to Noisetrade and other options for promoting and selling your music.
  • What are your thoughts on “the business stuff” in music?

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