Learn The Current Trends in Church Communications In 3 Minutes

by Bobby Gilles

in Church Communications

A few months ago we featured Kem Meyer as part of our My Song In The Night interview series. Kem is the Director of Communications at Granger Community Church, a noted conference speaker and the author of one of my Top 10 Books on Church Communications, Less Clutter, Less Noise: Beyond Bulletins, Brochures and Bake Sales. Now, watch this 3-minute video from Think International to hear Kem talk about 2012 Trends in Church Communications.

Watch the full 20-minute “Less ¬†Clutter, Less Noise” Think International interview with Kem Meyer below, and learn (among other things) why Kem says we should think “progressive dinner” rather than “potluck” in our church communication strategies:

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