Our New Years’ Resolutions To You

by Bobby Gilles

in Exhortations And Musings

Creation Day 1artwork by Sarah Hall for Sojourn Visual Arts ministry

The original hymns on our upcoming EP will take you from Creation to Second Coming

Kristen and I launched My Song In The Night just three months ago, a resource for Christian songwriting and hymnody, church communications, worship leading and for tips on how all Christians can effectively tell their story of redemption.

We launched with our modern hymn My Song In The Night, which you can listen to anytime and download in the player on your right (or listen through Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and other outlets).

We write to you out of our experiences:

  • both of us as songwriters, Christians, husband-wife, members of the multi-site Sojourn Community Church.
  • Kristen as a worship leader and singer-songwriter who has played big and small venues from the Northeast to the Southwest United States.
  • Bobby as Director of Communications for Sojourn, mentor of many songwriters, author and content manager for sojournmusic.com.
We’re excited that many of you have come along for part of our journey, whether you’ve downloaded our song, signed up to the RSS feed, or you check out our posts when a headline intrigues you from a search engine or social media. In 2012, our “New Year’s resolution” for My Song In The Night includes:
  • A new EP — more modern hymns we’ve written, which Kristen will record with the Sojourn Music band. These songs will chronologically tell the sweeping story of creation, redemption and Christ’s return, and do so in a way that we believe you’ve not heard in other praise & worship songs and older hymns.
  • Many more articles on telling the story of God’s work in you
  • More help for churches that seek to communicate effectively with their communities.
  • More songwriting advice — lyrics, music, theology, and even the “business” of songwriting
  • More interviews with pastors, authors, songwriters and communicators who are telling “the old, old story of Jesus and His love” in compelling ways.

We hope you’ll sojourn with us in 2012. Always feel free to reach out to us through blog comments, the “Contact” form at the top of this website, Twitter and Facebook (we have links to our social media pages here).

We’ve loved hearing from many of you, and even meeting many of you in conferences, retreats, workshops, our personal journeys and your journeys through Louisville in 2011. We pray you will grow in God’s continued grace to you in 2012, and that for any who have not yet trusted Jesus as your savior, that you’ll receive him now.

I thank my God in all my remembrance of you
— Philippians 1:3 (ESV)

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