A Great Resource For Advent Worship Service Planning

by Bobby Gilles

in Worship Leading

People frequently ask me about resources for liturgical readings, prayers, Scriptures and other tools for planning worship services, especially during special seasons of the Christian Calendar Year, like Epiphany, Lent, Pentecost, and the season we’re about to enter, Advent.

The Worship Sourcebook book coverThe best resource I know about isĀ The Worship Sourcebook, published by The Calvin Institute Of Christian Worship (editors Emily Brink and John Witvliet).

This 800+ page reference book contains articles on the practice of Christian worship, readings for every standard liturgical element of Christian worship services (such as the Call To Worship, Offering, Lord’s Supper and Benediction) and a section on central themes of the Christian faith, drawn from the Nicene creed and focusing on events in the Christian year.

The Advent section alone includes over 40 pages of material, like:

  • An explanation of Advent
  • Scriptures and Statements of Faith Applying to the Theme of Advent
  • and liturgical readings for Christian worship services like:
  1. Call To Worship
  2. Opening Responses (with Advent Candle Lighting)
  3. Prayers of Confession
  4. Assurance of Pardon
  5. Offering Prayers
  6. Great Prayer of Thanksgiving

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