Helped By The Hands Of Billy (or the feet, or head, or something)

by Bobby Gilles

in Exhortations And Musings

When Kristen recorded our song “My Song In The Night” with a band made up of Sojourn Music┬ámusicians, we think magic happened (you can download it for free if you haven’t already — just look to the right of this blog post, on our My Song In The Night album cover).

In addition to Kristen, that band consisted of Eddy Morris, Phillip Miller, Shane St. Clair and Ryan Harvey. So you’re saying “None of those guys are named Billy. What’s this post about?”

Billy is a new band in our home city, Louisville. Billy features Phillip and Eddy on guitars, in addition to our friends Joel Gerdis, Martin Stam and Sean Brooks. And they’ve released a video featuring one of their brand new songs. We’re glad to share it with you, above.

Tomorrow, we’ll introduce you to yet another band from one of our “My Song In The Night” musicians.

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