This past Sunday we observed Trinity Sunday at Sojourn Community Church (New Albany campus) with a panel Q&A discussion about the trinity. I moderated the discussion between featured panelists Jonah Sage, Travis McGowan and Dr. Gregg Allison. All are Sojourn pastors. Pastors Jonah and Travis serve Sojourn New Albany (where Jonah is our lead pastor). Pastor Gregg serves Sojourn East, and is also a professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and author of books like Historical Theology and Sojourners & Strangers: The Doctrine of the Church.

Listen in the audio player below, or in the Sojourn New Albany iTunes podcast.

Topics addressed include:

  • What is the trinity? How is the doctrine of the trinity different than believing in three gods?
  • Some anti-trinity churches teach variants of what’s called “Oneness Pentecostalism,” which says that there are three offices, or roles, or modes, but only one person. Where does that teaching come from? How would you defend the doctrine of the trinity against that kind of belief?
  • There are also a lot of Jehovah Witnesses in the area. Christian theologians often describe the Witnesses as “Arians” or “semi-Arians.” What does this mean?
  • How would you talk to a Jehovah Witness about the trinity?

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