New Gilles Articles On Family Worship Time And Eating Disorders

by Kristen Gilles

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Bobby and I hope you’ve had a good Thanksgiving week (those of you in the U.S.), and that all of our friends around the world cultivate a continual spirit of thanksgiving to God, no matter the circumstance. We have certainly been challenged in this regard over the past year!

In case you’ve been unplugged from social media, we wanted to take a second here to tell you about two interviews we’ve been featured in this week: has an interview with Bobby and me, where we talk about what our personal Gilles family worship times look like. An excerpt:

“But worship is all of life and so it’s also fitting to share times of worship together in our homes and community groups (also little churches) throughout the week. Regular times of individual Bible study and prayer are vital for growing into maturity in Christ, and this is something we should be teaching/modeling to our children as they grow up under our stewardship.” has an interview with me, where I talk about my struggles with an eating disorder, and the grace-filled strength to overcome that I’ve found in Christ. An excerpt:

“I did my best to hide this behavior from everyone. I told myself it was a sickness that would be healed if my circumstances were healed. At the same time, I knew it couldn’t be pleasing to God because of how it was harming me, someone He made in His image. As a Christian, I was very self-condemning and self-loathing, thinking this expression of my guilt would appease God. But I was missing the point big time.”

We were so honored to participate in both of these blogs, which also have many other articles that will bless you.

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